Of gaining weight, PDA, and ghost stories

Nag dinner na ako kanina sa office, but since dad cooked tinola, eh nag midnight snack ako ng kanin. :)) I wont deny na Im gaining weight. I rarely exercise (tapos pag nag exercise ako tipong limang ikot lang sa mandaluyong circle, o kaya naman 30 minutes sa stationary bike. lol. Masarap kumain, lalo na pag feeling mo, reward yun sa pagpupuyat sa office, o yung pagpasok mo kahit holiday. :3

Sa jeep kanina, may amoy lasing. Dahil siksikan, madaling ma trace kung sino yung amoy chico. Then I saw this drunkard, kissing his girlfriend’s neck-I almost puked. I had to look away, but the guy was trying to lick his gf’s skin, omg yuck. The girlfriend was clearly lost in trance. Total PDA. Ganun pala pakiramdam ng nakakakita ng nagpi PDA. Gross. My old self did shameful displays of affection with (God knows who), and I feel embarrassed just thinking bout those now. :((

And, since I still cant sleep, nagb browse ako ng ghost stories, para lang takutin sarili ko. lol :))

Bcos I play the album repeatedly til my eight-hour shift ends. Di pa rin ako nagsasawa. :))

mini Update

Hi. :)) Havent posted for two days cos the final nights in the graveyard shift have been memorable with my office friends. :) hihi. We joked a lot, laughed a lot, and most of all, ate a lot. :3 Im not telling you that I grew another chin and it’s very visible when I laugh hard. :))—->this is me smiling with a double chin. hahaha. It has been a while since I drank taho from a paper cup. :))

I despise myself for sleeping too much yesterday. I insisted going to sunday service in the afternoon, but I failed to wake up, not until around 7:30 p.m. So I missed the kids’ final performance in The Voice. Btw, my friend tells me that I look like Darlene. She says I can pass as the kid’s mom. hahaha! Pisti. Eh kasi, if you look closely, the kid and I have the same mole on one nostril, and she babbles nonstop, and she sings-parang ako daw talaga. hahaha! pisti ulit. Team Darren ako, pero feeling ko, deserve rin naman ni Lyca yung title, soo. Nakaka touch si JK nung binuhat niya si Lyca. hihi.

I bet you saw theFifty Shades of (nporn) Grey official trailer already??! Your thoughts?! Would you believe, di ko pa sana mapapnood yun if not for utol!! He asked me kung alam ko daw ba yung FSOG. It was kind of awkward to watch FSOG trailer with your little brother, but he’s 18 na, so okay na rin. hahaha!! Jamie Dornan is soooo ughh. :))

Then, a friend posed I see the If I Stay trailer, and so I did. It pushed me to read the book, which I regret. I didnt expect to bore myself on it-sorry, tho I still gave it 3 and 1/2 stars on Goodreads. Some readers said it was a “cryfest”, but really, no. Cept for the part when Teddy too, died. I feel Mia’s love for her younger brother. I love Adam’s personality too. It was super cheesy tho how Mia and Adam played each other’s bodies as if they were string instruments. I felt embarrassed reading that part. It wasnt even erotic for my taste. :/ Nevertheless, Im still giving Where She Went a chance.

Ps: Share lang: Fisherman’s Friend (cherry) is my favorite sugar-free lozenge. It does wonders for sore throats. I might warn you, not everyone who dared to ask me for a piece liked the taste of it. :3 haha, you could’ve seen their faces. hahaha!!

Some crappy rant

Im offended by how my office friend reacted pag nakikita niya si sir Jedi. Alam niya kasing crush ko dati, pero ngayon kasi pinipigilan ko na. Ayoko na. Like kanina, dumating si sir and this friend went crazy screaming “Ano yun Elaine ano??!” Duh, alam na ni sir na crush ko siya, noon pa-dahil rin sa friend ko na yun. No need for her to make sarcastic comments para pansinin ako ni sir. Nasa hallway kami kanina, tapos nag “Hi sir Jedi” tas sabay sabing “yiiiee Elaine..” sa sobrang inis ko, (walang kilig guys kasi asar ako), sinabi ko sa friend ko na, “Alam mo, mashado kang papansin.” Minsan lang ako magalit, pero nakooo. Masasabi ko lang, hindi naman ako ganun ka desperate para umasa sa isang tao kung alam kong wala kaming chance. ugh. Ps: hindi na talaga ko kinikilig kay sir. May iba na kasi ako. lol. :))

Featuring Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift (plus her cats Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson.) I recently found out she has adopted a new kitty!! (another scottish fold). Isnt she adorbs?!!

Okay, moving on, lol I should be getting a gazillion winks by now, but Im stuck checking Taylor’s instagram feed and watching CinemaSins "Everything Wrong With [insert movie title here]" lol. Went over at least eight movies (never dared to click a horror one). lol. Astig nga ng reviews eh. laugh trip lol.

Speak of reviews, Gian browsed my reviews on Goodreads without me knowing. I was put to shame when he read my horrible review on The Notebook!! Crap. lol. I think he read my Looking For Alaska review as well. Double crap.

On that note, I decided to check my GR account with an unread mail from the features editor. I just missed the chance asking Colleen Hoover a Q!! :/ I might have asked her why she’s addicted to diet Pepsi and who influenced her to like The Avett Brothers, or will she soon be visiting the Ph?! :)) Im giddy for Ugly Love!! Sana August na!!

Ps: And who orders cheeseburger with coffee, but me? :) My midnight snack tho. #graveyardshift God bless you!! xo!

Oh dear July, I
hardly see you smile. I miss
the red on your cheeks,
and the creases in your eyes.
One smile ‘fore you say goodbye?