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Happy 1st of September!! Oh hohoho Christmas is soooo around the corner already!! Our kapitbahay blasted some folk christmas songs, and I cant help but feel Christmas-y!! lol :)) And Im turning a year older in three months!! (tho I can pass for a 30-year old) haha. Honestly, Im very (yes VERY) offended when people see me older than my apparent age. :( I mean, who on earth wanted to age these days??

Okay, nuff with the age thingy. lol Im hoping for a warmer Christmas this year. Warm in a sense that it’s full of love, love, and love. :)) Im so done with having cold December nights. It’s time to end the spell of loveless Christmases.

I only hope for the best in the next months to come!!

"lol-ing at the lake’. :)) hihi. I look younger on these photos. :)

Hey people! Im blogging while on a bus ride home from Talisay. :)) First company outing na nasamahan ko to, and ang saya!! :)) Forgive me for depriving you of photos!! Will follow nalang yun. Lol

Bte, I won 32 dollars sa raffle kanina haha!! Sabi ng peeps, ang swerte ko raw sa mga ganun. Last year nanalo naman ako ng iPad sa christmas party. :))

Anyways, while my career is doing A okay, so is my love life. :)) Well, this guy, who is H’s friend, kind of like me. Lol He recently followed me on Fb and Ig. :)) haha!! We havent talked yet, but we’ll get to that soon. :))

May isa pang na iinvolve sakin haha. Officemate ko na inaasar nila sakin. Actually, we fist-bombed each other kanina!! Magka bus kasi kami eh hahaha!! Ako yung nag initiate kasi ang awkward na pinakilala ako ng friend ko sa kanya. lol. Well, both guys have goatie, and that’s a plus. :)) Pero yung isa, walang glasses. :(

Im so blessed to be working with awesome people :)) Cant wait to be updating soon!!

The sun will come out, tomorrow.
What, I brought a pair of chopsticks too. :3 Who knows, baka may Jap food bukas. :)) A girl can dream (and crave) lol.

Batangas tomorrow!! hehe.

Hey guys! Ive been inactive lately cos wifi’s still damned. :(( Sorry for always posting my work friends’ faces, pero pretty naman kami daba? lels. Iba talaga if you have this friend who’s so into taking “groufies” lol. 

So, here are some snaps during the basketball game last Saturday. :)) Crush didn’t play, but he was there, on the bleachers-with us!! (hindi siya yung nasa pic ha lol) And le friends were teasing me nonstop! It was kind of embarrassing, pero okay lang. :)) haha! Kilig naman eh. :) Btw, we won, so our team is advancing to the finals! :) Sana manalo kami, haha! 

PS: Last night, Vans sms-ed me and we’re brewing some meetup soon next month! :)) Im excited!! I miss you guys! 

❝ I think I’ve always been half out of my shell and half in. Sometimes I can be extremely wild and sometimes I can be extremely shy. It just depends on the day. ❞

— Emile Hirsch  (via emilixx)inac

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