Some crappy rant

Im offended by how my office friend reacted pag nakikita niya si sir Jedi. Alam niya kasing crush ko dati, pero ngayon kasi pinipigilan ko na. Ayoko na. Like kanina, dumating si sir and this friend went crazy screaming “Ano yun Elaine ano??!” Duh, alam na ni sir na crush ko siya, noon pa-dahil rin sa friend ko na yun. No need for her to make sarcastic comments para pansinin ako ni sir. Nasa hallway kami kanina, tapos nag “Hi sir Jedi” tas sabay sabing “yiiiee Elaine..” sa sobrang inis ko, (walang kilig guys kasi asar ako), sinabi ko sa friend ko na, “Alam mo, mashado kang papansin.” Minsan lang ako magalit, pero nakooo. Masasabi ko lang, hindi naman ako ganun ka desperate para umasa sa isang tao kung alam kong wala kaming chance. ugh. Ps: hindi na talaga ko kinikilig kay sir. May iba na kasi ako. lol. :))

Featuring Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift (plus her cats Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson.) I recently found out she has adopted a new kitty!! (another scottish fold). Isnt she adorbs?!!

Okay, moving on, lol I should be getting a gazillion winks by now, but Im stuck checking Taylor’s instagram feed and watching CinemaSins "Everything Wrong With [insert movie title here]" lol. Went over at least eight movies (never dared to click a horror one). lol. Astig nga ng reviews eh. laugh trip lol.

Speak of reviews, Gian browsed my reviews on Goodreads without me knowing. I was put to shame when he read my horrible review on The Notebook!! Crap. lol. I think he read my Looking For Alaska review as well. Double crap.

On that note, I decided to check my GR account with an unread mail from the features editor. I just missed the chance asking Colleen Hoover a Q!! :/ I might have asked her why she’s addicted to diet Pepsi and who influenced her to like The Avett Brothers, or will she soon be visiting the Ph?! :)) Im giddy for Ugly Love!! Sana August na!!

Ps: And who orders cheeseburger with coffee, but me? :) My midnight snack tho. #graveyardshift God bless you!! xo!

Oh dear July, I
hardly see you smile. I miss
the red on your cheeks,
and the creases in your eyes.
One smile ‘fore you say goodbye?

Obsessing with (t)Ed(d)(y) Sheeran :))
Hi, Kwento ko lang sa bus kagabi, may na crush-an akong dude (guess what kasi naka glasses) lol. At first, nakatayo siya, kasi medyo rush hour na rin nun. Then maraming bumaba sa Paseo, naupo siya sa tabi ko. I was biting my cheek, suppressing that “kilig much” feeling. Omg, why, why am I so into guys with glasses (pero may binabagayan ang salamin ha lol) He had his earbuds on, and when he took out his Samsung phone (yes, that brand), I spotted Ed Sheeran’s signature X on the screen-that dude was playing one of Ed’s songs- Bloodstream. Then he played Even My Dad Does Sometimes next. I almost, almost popped a convo with him, just because.. Until I saw him open a message from a girl-his girlfriend. How come I knew it was his girl? Well he called her “love”, that’s how. He was apologizing for causing her stress and stuff. lol. Hay, couples. :3 Mabuti na rin pala pag single. hehe. Ps: I need a a guitar tutor. lol.


“Im not a rapper.,Im a singer with a flow”-Sheeran
Happy Ed Sheeran Day to me. haha :)) I just added tracks from X; I love each and every song (true). A few of my faves: One (this), Afire Love, Don’t (love the beat beat beat), Photograph (and this), The Man, Shirtsleeve, and Thinking Out Loud. :)) And because I love his new album, I even made him my wallpaper. gash. :)) haha. I couldnt help myself but stare at his gorgeous teddy bear face from the tiny screen. hihi!! | Im sick-but I enjoy these Reese’s much. hihi. masarap kasi yung bawal at yung llbre. hehe. | While digging through my (panties) drawer, found what I suppose is an unused lady’s boxers. There, wore them today :3 | And yes, I still rely on sniffing soothing balms to relieve cold symptoms; they’re effective tho. |Back to work ulit tonight. pft,

Hi! Sa wakas, nakapost rin ng matino!! lol. Imagine, we didnt have electricity for six days!! Nakiki charge nalang ako sa office noon, kaya nakapag post pa ako ng kung anu ano last week. So, here’s a super crappy photo dump with matching kwento. :))

i. Worst Wednesday to date, July 15, 2014. Pauwi kami noon from night shift. Ang sumakubong samin sa labas eh malulupit na bugso ng hangin at ulan. Wa epek yung pagpapayong. No choice, dahil sa kagustuhan ko ng makauwi, hindi ko na inisip yung bagyo. Nakasakay ako agad sa LIBRENG SAKAY na bus. Nakuha ko pang picture-an yung mga nalipadna debris along EDSA. Pagbaba ko ng Pioneer, hindi ko ineexpect na tipong tatangayin ako ng hangin. Ang ginawa ko, sinabi ko sa isang babae na gusto rin makarating sa kabilang side na maghawak kami at sabay maglakad para di kami tangayin. She agreed and we got to the other side safe. Not quite. Basang basa kami. Kawawa siya, kasi papasok palang siya eh ako pauwi na. Later that night, I had low grade fever, pero nakapasok pa rin ako.

ii. Horrid mirror selfie.

iii. Them boys and moi on pigtails. lol. Meet Gian and Fritz. :)) So kanino ako mas bagay? Kay Gian diba? lels. I lile having guy friends. They can be “blunter” about stuff and that’s what I like about them. These dudes are like my kuyas, so there’s no chance na isa sa kanila maging boyfie ko lol.

iv. And them girls. We pushed through watching She’s Dating the Gangster yesterday right after work. :)) Hindi ko nabasa yung book, but the moviiieee’s amazing!! Hindi niyo dapat ma miss yun! lol. I super like Kathryn’s lipstick sa movie! lol. Nakakatuwa na unti unti na silang nagmamature ni Daniel. lol. Iba talaga chemistry nila. :)) Pag labas namin ng sinehan: “Goo sexy sexy loooooovee!!!” lol

iv. Pumunta ako ng Landmark kanina. I texted mom na bibili lang ako ng honey (as cough remedy), but I ended up buying a bag. :)) Dahil gusto ko yung color, okay na kahit last item na to. hoho.