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Finally, new ear buddies for me!! Just last week, I bid my Philips earphones (goodbye after being damned. :(( Anyways, my new pair of buds is a great find. :)

The looks of it speak elegance and class, and price, but the good news is it’s budget-friendly!! At 799 php, this set of earbuds offers great, if not excellent sound quality. :)) The bass is great and I give it 8.6/10. :) Jsyk, Im a bassy person (and I like my bass down low haha), so for me, AKG K 311 delivers well in that aspect. As for the clarity/sharpness, I rate it as 7.9/10.

Honesty, before I bought this, I opted for a pair of pink Audio-Technica ear candies, but when I tested it, the sharpness is above average, tho the downside is that I cant even feel the bass- I tested it on my mP3 (bcos the equalizer’s set on my liking). I tried playing some tunes on my mP3 player, and they sound way better now. :))

Ps: Actually, this isnt my initial unboxing (I got to test he product right after I purchased it-ang cute ng nag assist sakin lol). And, I got my brother the same set of earbuds last Christmas. hehe

Feats and Specs under the cut:

(from the packet)
-Increased bass response
-Semi open design
-Foam ear pads included
-Comfortable fit
-Best for portable mp3, DVD, CD players
-99.99% Oxygen-free cable
-Compatible with all Apple iPhones

Impedance: 32 ohms
Sensitivity: 125 dB/V
Max input power: 15mW
Frequency response: 18 Hz-20.5kHz
Weight: 5g (0.18 oz)
Cable: 1m
Plug: 3.5mm (1/8”)

Available colors: Arctic BLack, Plum, Milk (this), Lime, and the hard-to-find Arctic Blue

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